We understand that grooming and cleaning are essential for a pet's hygiene and of course, their good looks! So here at Happy Tails Kannel we offer competent grooming services to all our kannel and feline guests. Our services include comb outs for detangling fur, cuts and trims in different styles, nail clipping and relaxing baths.
We use a wide range of products ranging from herbal shampoos and bath oils to medicated products such as tick shampoos and sprays. Most of the products we use are free from harmful chemicals. We give special attention to our guest's individual skin type and choose our products accordingly.
Most pets hate having their nails clipped or even taking a bath, but our groomers try and ensure that their experience is far from unpleasant. We give your pet a good brushing and take care of dry skin, dandruff, ticks and mites. Our groomers can also give different hair styles for your pooch so that they return home looking different and at their best! We can also groom and bathe your pet to your instructions if he/she has specific requirements or can also follow the vet's instruction if your pet has specific skin or hair requirements.

So whether you want to give your pet a special tick bath or just want to bring him/her in for basic grooming we'll be happy to take care of your loved one. Your pooch can also enjoy a special indulgent session of a relaxing oil massage. Each one of our guests get a freshen-up session everyday while they are with us and a complimentary grooming service just before they leave. We make sure that all our guests leave us happy, contented and in great condition!